Notary Public Indian Driver’s License Verfication

How can a notary public assist with an indian driver’s license verification application?

In order to get a driver’s license in Australia, you will often need to have your driver’s license verified by the Indian consulate.  This can be a complicated process.  However, we can assist with a vital element of it.

When you apply to the Indian consulate in Australia for a drivers license verification and the name on your driver’s license appears differently to your passport you can still have the license verified.  The consulate will give you the option of using a notary public in Australia to verify that the names on the two documents relate to one and the same person.  After the document has been notarised, you can then apply for an Apostille with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade after which the Indian consulate or processing center will accept the document.

The License verification certificate will then appear as it appears on your Indian driver’s license.  Before you come to see us, you will need to open an application an download the forms available after you create your application here:

Once you have downloaded the forms, we can then notarise them for you and you can continue your application with the Indian Consulate.

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