Documents Requiring Notarisation for Use in Japan

There are are a number of documents that may require notarisation prior to use in Japan. If you have a document where it has been requested that notarisation occur, you should be careful to ensure that you establish with as much clarity the exact requirements for the notarisation. In some cases, it will require that a document be copied and the copy is certified. In other cases it may require that the document is signed before a notary public or that the notary public authenticates the document or witnesses the signature of the document. Some of the documents which commonly require notarisation are:

– Wills
– Probate Documents
– Commercial Contracts
– Financial Statements
– Letters of Comfort
– Single Status Certificate
– Police or Criminal Record
– Copies of Passports

In many cases, where a document has been produced in Australia and requires notarisation it will also need to be translated. We can assist you to find an appropriate Japanese translator if necessary. If you have any of the documents above where it has been requested that you obtain a notarisation for the document, we are very happy to assist you with obtain the notarisation.



– ウィルズ
– 遺言検認ドキュメント
– 商業契約
– 財務諸表
– コンフォートの手紙
– 単一のステータスの証明書
– 警察や犯罪歴
– パスポートのコピー


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