Documents for Use in India Requiring a Notary Public

The process for notarising documents for use in India is that the notarial act is performed after which the document is sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the affixation of an Apostille. This is because India is a signatory to the international convention on the legalisation of foreign documents. Usually, the requirements of the foreign authority in India do require the services of a notary public rather than an ordinary lawyer or justice of the peace. Some of the common documents which need notarisation for use in India include:

Statutory Declarations
Affidavits for court proceedings
Power of Attorney
Overseas Citizen of India
Non-Resident Indian
Person of Indian Origin
Passport Renewal forms
Deceased Estates

Before you come to see us, please check with the authority in India to clarify exactly what it is that that they are looking for. This can save considerable delay and expense in processing of the document by ensuring that it is done correctly the first time. There are a range of possible requirements for the document which could include:

Notarisation of the documents
Notarial Certification
Stamping by the Indian Consulate
Affixation of an Apostille by DFAT

Some of the other things that we can help you with as an Indian citizen include:

Verifying an Indian Drivers Licence – in order to apply for an Australian Driver’s License.
Providing A Notarial Certificate of Identification under the Indian Driver’s Licence Verification Checklist
Verifying your Australian Educations Educational Qualifications
Verifying an Affidavit for Indian Court Proceedings
Verification of Documents relating to Divorce Proceedings

If you have a lawyer in India that requires notarisation, you will need very clear and specific instructions from that lawyer on the necessary steps to be taken for signing and notarisation including seeking guidance from the Indian Consulate in Sydney. Some of the other common type of documents that we find Indian people living in Australia come in need of are General Powers of Attorney which we can notarize so that they may be recognised in India. To be sure that your document will be d by the requesting authority in India it is necessary to ask if there is a requirement that it be seen and/or stamped by the Indian Consulate.

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