Chinese Consulate for Authentication of Documents and Notarial Services

When you have a document notarized in preparation for its use in China, after the document has been notarised it needs to go through a process of authentication with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and then the Chinese Consulate. We can arrange for the completion of this process.

China has a set of consular practices which are specific to it and part of this practice is that many elements of the requirements of the Chinese legal system can be met by the issuing of a notarial act which is authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia and the local Chinese Consulate to the state office of DFAT which authenticated the document rather than the Embassy in Canberra which is not in a position to authenticate the document.

Documents to be used in the Hong Kong or Macao SAR need no authentication from Chinese Embassy or Consulates General if they have been authenticated by Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade or its Office in States or Territories. You also need to submit the authentication application form for authentication at the Chinese embassy along with a copy of the passport and agent’s authority letter if required.

Authentication fees from Chinese Consulate:

1) Regular: 4-working day pickup
Civil (including adoptions) A$30 Commercial A$60 Property Transaction A$60
2) Urgent: second working day pickup: additional A$50.
3) Express: third working day pickup: additional A$30.

Location of Chinese Consulate in Sydney:

39 Dunblane Street
Camperdown NSW 2050
Tel: +61 2 85958002
Fax: +61 2 85958001

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