Notary Public Sydney

We are a law firm based in Sydney, Australia which provides notarial services.  There are a number of notarial services which we provide including:

– Notarial Certification of Documents

Some of the commonly prepared certificates include:

(a) Educational Documents
(b) Probates
(c) Contracts
(d) General Commercial Documentation

– Notarial Identification

When verifying the identity of a signer, the Notary’s most reliable identification documents are issued by the state or federal government and contain a photograph, a physical description and the bearer’s signature. These elements provide a basis for comparison with the actual physical appearance and signature of the signer presenting the document for notarization.  Some states specify the types of documentary ID a Notary may rely on to identify a signer. Most states, however, are not specific and leave the determination of an ID’s suitability up to the Notary.

The most common identification documents allowed by states for notarization include: state driver’s licenses and non-drivers IDs; passports; federal IDs such as military identification cards, state, county and local government IDs; and lawful permanent resident cards (often called “green cards”). In some cases, expired IDs may be accepted from signers, but the state’s Notary-regulating office — through its handbooks, mailings and Website postings  — is the ultimate authority on the acceptability of an ID.

– Ship’s Protests

A ships protest is a document filed by a ships master in relation to damage to the ship or its cargo in rough weather or other circumstances beyond their control. The protest is usually then lodged with the shipping company’s insurance company as evidence of the events which transpired.

The fees for our services are indicated on the ‘notary costs’ section of our website.

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