Notarial Authentication

Overseas authorities will often request that you have your Australian documents (for example a birth certificate) ‘authenticated’ or ‘apostilled’. It is vital that you confirm the exact notarial service requirements before having documents processed at an Australian mission. Often, a document will need to be authenticated as having been signed by a notary.

Unfortunately, clients have often requested incorrect, unnecessary or additional notarial services from Australian embassies overseas because they did not fully understand the requirements of the notarial service required. One of the notarial services we provide is an Authentication, which is when we verify a signature, stamp or seal on certain types of Australian documents. Once verified, we stamp and sign the document confirming that we have verified the signature or seal on the document.

Another similar service we provide is preparation before the giving of an Apostille. The giving of an Apostille is only provided through DFAT offices in Australia. Apostilles are basically authentications but are only used in some countries. Authentications and Apostilles are legal processes and we will only issue stamps once we are satisfied the document is genuine and will not be used for a fraudulent purpose. Cases of attempted fraud in the past mean that we need to be cautious about issuing an Authentication or Apostille.

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